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I'm a North Carolina native, a hiker, an avid bowtie wearer, and the proud owner of Crosshatch Studio. I care about your customer base as well as your company's success. My belief is that if you provide your customers with positive experiences, positive things will happen for your company.

Art and people are what make me the happiest and I believe design lives at the intersection of these two things. As a designer, I'm passionate about your audience's journey and create uncluttered, easy-to-use experiences that they will not only understand, but enjoy.

From my years of experience, I've acquired two specialties: user experience design and illustrative branding.

Fun Fact: I have a fine art and art history background. I'm a classically trained artist and was even awarded a scholarship for it, but over time, my interests changed direction as my love for design grew. I now use my love of drawing, color, and composition to help companies bring an effortless, enjoyable human element to brand experiences.

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